Ways to save papers from Mobile apps

“Paper is too valuable to waste”

Around the world 1 million tons of paper is being wasted every day. Too much of paper usage is wasteful and unnecessary as this puts huge pressure on the environment.

Businesses of today adopt new ideas often gained from their personal use. This certainly applies to mobile applications development, ability of the app to share files and data via cloud in real-time, downloading within seconds and communication from any time at any location have evolved from “nice to have” to “need to have.”

As consumer-grade technology expectations are beginning to spill over to the business world, increased usage of mobile devices and technologies transformed paper forms which have been estimated that cost of $40 per case of paper, businesses are spending $80 annually on paper works. Furthermore, it takes 18 minutes on average to find a paper document; Getting from paper forms to mobile apps is not without challenges, but time-intensively developed mobile apps with customized features help businesses to include maintaining control, security of customer & business data by introducing new processes with mobile apps.

Below listed are the key features of mobile apps

Get organized

Search, import and save research material and organize them in Smartly with mobile apps

Read on the go

Continue reading from where you left off and apps easily help to navigate through notes and contents.

Always in sync

Mobile app ensures that every latest research material is always at the fingertips, wherever and whenever you were in a need.

Just like science, apps never stands still they get evolved as trends and technology upgrades. Our dedicated team continues to enhance and develop more and better mobile apps with distinct features get to know more about us click here.

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