Event Planning through Mobile Apps made Simple

In today’s day & age Event management mobile apps are changing the way we organize events. Having a bold-looking mobile event to host a conference, a trade show, a seminar, conventions, or a festive/sporting event for all of your meetings throughout the year can make a big impact. As mobile tech has changed our daily life 95% of planners say that best way to go green and engage audience is to take up mobile event app which attendees will love.

Event planning through mobile apps will not only engage your audience besides it will give you a platform to watch behavioural metrics of your audience and measure your stakeholder’s engagement. To drive advancement from sessions you can include an audience response system that enables you to get event rating as well capture critical data and feedback from the community for decision making.

With your mobile event apps you can motivate connection through the attendee list and have fun, share information / interest with one or more other attendees. To deliver value to event sponsors you can virtually connect them to every app user and increase exposure. By including social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn inside your event app you can easily get connected in real time and build lasting relationships.

Are you planning to take your event to the next stage? Then contact us to take-up mobile event app platform that allows you to configure the meeting your way and gain valuable insights. For more details, visit au.angleritech.com

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