Telephone Information Management

Client is a leading developer of Telecom Usage Management and Call Accounting solutions in Victoris. The company success is based on providing robust solutions, providing organizations with the information required to understand what telecom services users use, how they use them and at what cost.


The company wanted a Telephone Information and Management System in .NET software whose earlier version was in Delphi software. The .NET version should cover all the features implemented in Delphi system along with some new advanced features. Firstly, they needed Directory module, Security module and the Report module.

What we did

ANGLER studied the existing telephone information system available in Delphi version and developed the .NET version using Delphi version as a reference. The directory module should provide the customized telephone directory for an organization with complete history of information. The security module provides full fledged security to the system. The report module will enable client to generate and customize reports in seconds; breaking down the cost of telephone traffic over the organization, or to analyze the performance of their telephone equipment, using a variety of reports.


  • The client can create more than one directory if needed they can add any new fields to the directory along with the existing fields. The client can maintain clear directory information along with historical data
  • With the help of the security module, the client can create as many groups as needed and can define the access rights to each individual field in the directory with respect to the groups
  • Using the Report module, the client can view the performance and the cost utilized by each telephone in various report format. The graphical representation of the same can also be viewed

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