Server Configuration and Maintenance for an Aviation Equipment Manufacturer


The client is a leading Aviation Ground Support Equipment manufacturing company that manufactures hi-tech capital equipments like Ground Power units, Air Starter units, Air Conditioning Units, Electric tow tractors, Conveyor belt loaders and custom built GSEs in India & USA.


Client has a fleet management solution developed to track its fleets efficiently but to deploy the application they needed a server & related software in it.

What We Did

Our IMS team @ ANGLER purchased a Windows server for the client and installed all the required software in the server and configured it for hosting the application. We also tested the patches & software in the testing environment to ensure they are compatible with the application. After successfully hosting the application, we are also maintaining the server throughout by doing proactive and reactive maintenance works like patch update, periodic data backup, analysing peak utilization, data, etc, to ensure proper working of the application without any issues.

Technologies Used

cloud server administration services


  • Comprehensive server administration services including purchase, installation, configuration, maintenance, etc.
  • Easy installation of required software in the server to host the developed application
  • Regular maintenance to ensure proper working of the application
  • Simplified backup & restoration of data
  • Appropriate Patch / Software testing to check compatibility with the applications installed in the server
  • Monthly Patch update to ensure server’s compliance
  • Enhanced peak utilization analysis by regular monitoring of Hardware utilizations and log analysis
  • Timely Server Support during down time
  • Regular analysis of Logs and Hardware Utilization by Enhanced automated monitoring

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