Responsive website development for a leading hospital in Australia


Client is a leading hospital in Australia, with highly qualified surgeons and offering the best treatment for heart and Lungs surgery.


As, hospital Web sites are playing a very important part in healthcare services, client’s requirement was to develop a responsive website to help patient/visitors to know more in detail about their hospital and specialty in online. As today many users make use of smartphones for their search the website has to be made responsive.

What We Did

We @ ANGLER studied the client’s requirement and our highly qualified designers team developed a website that addressed all their requirements. To make the website viewable in all hand-held devices the developed website was made responsive. This helped both patient’s/care givers to know all the specialties in hospital on the go.

Technologies Used

WordPress, Bootstrap


  • Delivered consistent user experience across all devices
  • Enable care givers to find the right information on any screen size

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  • Cutting-edge Business Products
  • Creative Design Solutions


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