Practice Management System

Client provides transcription service in Western Australia on dictated letters, reports and interviews. The client’s advisory board comprises of Medical Specialists, Lawyers, Barristers, IT and Business Professionals. Their organization complies with the Australian Privacy Regulations and it also guarantees low cost, professional quality and efficient service. The Client offers reliable 24 /7 services that is accessible from anywhere in the world.


The client requirement was to develop an ASP module system where they can maintain the daily process of hospitals, predominantly to manage their appointment book & Invoice and Receipt details for specialist and patients.

What we did

We developed a custom ASP Model application to maintain multiple accounts, discounts, Service item lists, patient details, patient files, patient billing, patient treatment summary and doctor details. The single application system will have Multiple Practice and Each Practice will be treated as a company/profile.

Technologies Used


Super administrator can create practice administrator for the hospital with provision to access their control panel and manage their data in security.

  • Practice administrator can create sub users such as Manager, Secretary and Specialist logins
  • Practice users can manage the details for patients and referring doctors
  • Through this system, practice user can generate an account, invoice and receipt
  • The user can create patient letter templates and appointment books

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