Mobile App Development for a leading Transportation Service Provider in Australia


Client is one of the leading passenger & medical transportation company with years of expertise in safety and reliability have become the leading medical transport provider in Australia.


Client’s requirement was to develop a mobile app that should provide peer – peer transport services where the driver with vehicle can directly enroll / register in the app and customer who wants a ride shall directly post a request and a nearby driver should be allocated. The service provided should be an instant service after receiving an on demand request.

What We Did

  • We @ ANGLER developed a mobile app as per the client’s requirement, where administrator can log in to the application with the user name, password and manage the profiles of the users who can use this application.
  • Administrator will be the authorized authority to change passwords as and when required.
  • Dashboard of the admin panel will have a MAP and a Refresh button, When the admin person clicks on Refresh button, the page will be refreshed by plotting the current location of all the drivers who are online with our app.
  • Each vehicle would be associated with one or more service types. Different pricing would applicable for different service types.

There can be different service types linked to either the driver or car for example:

  • Normal Service
  • Luxury Service
  • Pet friendly
  • Courier delivery
  • Heavy Package delivery
  • Food delivery
  • Multi passenger
  • Medical delivery

More service types can be added in the admin panel as and when required

  • In creating driver profile, it has been set mandatory to have a valid ABN (Australian Business Number) for the driver.
  • SMS integration has been done to send instant notifications for customers and drivers on key transactions.
  • Payment gateway has been integrated to allow online payment by the users.

Technologies Used

Android & iOS


  • Driver can accept or reject the assigned ride request
  • After availing the service user will be provided with an option to share their reviews and ratings.
  • Drivers will have options to review the ratings & feedbacks/comments from passenger
  • All the trips completed, rejected and pending for that particular driver will be displayed in Dashboard
  • Short start-up time and Buttons respond fast
  • Smooth Screen transitions and animations with no delay

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