Mobile App Developed for a Luxury Cab Service Provider in Australia


Client is a luxury cab service provider in Australia, they offer an Elite Services, Airport Transfers, as well as bookings for shopping, tours and events, with Multi-Passenger Vehicles’.


Client wants a comprehensive online taxi booking system where the passenger can do the booking online easily & effectively. They required the App with following options

  • Drivers owning a car should be facilitated to enrol and register with them online
  • ABN Integration to be done to validate the driver’s license and Govt norms.
  • Passengers should download the app & book the cab Service
  • Admin should easily manage driver’s trip claims

What We Did

We at ANGLER studied the client requirements in detail and provided mobile application where passengers can book a cab, and drivers can acknowledge their request. We also provided then a web admin portal so as to manage various other related services, fare calculation, passengers biding, drivers claim, etc. to list a few.

The passenger mobile app has provision to

  • Request a ride
  • Track Driver's Route
  • Bid for the ride
  • Share ride details with family/ friends
  • Online payment
  • Rating and feedback for ride

The driver’s mobile app has provisions to

  • Online registration
  • Accept trip
  • Fare Calculation
  • Raise trips claim

Technologies used

Android, iOS


  • Online taxi booking with passenger defined bid amount.
  • Easily do live tracking of assigned vehicles route, by passenger
  • Efficiently manage multiple services and packages
  • Simply Manage driver claims for a defined period
  • Soft Meter calculation to roughly estimate ride cost

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