E-Commerce Business Solution Delivered for Groceries Vendor


Client is an entrepreneur aiming at bringing up his father’s venture to the top in market. In pursuit of realizing the dream, client started to provide the fresh produce at customer’s doorstep. The client also ensures the freshness, quality & primarily the same price for which one would buy off the shelf.


Client needs a comprehensive business solution that could meet their need. The client need was a native mobile app with web admin application to deliver fresh vegetables to their customers from farmers directly. The company will purchase the fresh vegetables from the farmers directly and sell to their end user without involving any intermediate channel, so the end user can leverage freshness of vegetables with competitive price.

What We Did

Analyzing the client’s requirement, Team at ANGLER developed a mobile application with web admin that is capable of handling client requirement effectively. The application's web admin portal helps them to manage the complete application by defining master data and configuration.

Native Mobile App allows users to select fresh groceries & vegetables as if they purchase directly from farmers. They can also make direct online payments securely, track order data, payment process & view delivery details.

Technologies Used

Technologies Used


  • Flexible delivery & tracking system
  • Instant delivery for small premium purchases
  • Constant monitor of price changes
  • Direct from farm with secured payments

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  • Cutting-edge Business Products
  • Creative Design Solutions


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