Desktop application development for a photo application developer


Client is a leading photo application developer in Australia. They are dedicated to protect the private data of their customers and they have a talented software engineers and cryptography specialists, prides themselves in making apps that are easy to use for the general public.


The proposed solution was a desktop-based application for photo/image processing with specific features as., Resize/re sample the photo, add a copyright note and the application should be supported on both Windows and Mac OS.

What We Did

We @ ANGLER studied the client’s requirements and developed a desktop application with below given features...

  • User will be able to specify the directory in which the processed file should be stored. Can configure and save the settings under a profile name.
  • Once the processing commences, the progress shall be displayed to the user till the processing is completed.
  • User will be provided with an option to cancel ongoing processing and can select multiple photos/images for processing.
  • Once the processing is complete, a log will be displayed to the user with all the success and error log entries in a readable format.
  • User will be able to select the Copyright template from the following values
  • White text on Black background
  • Black text on White background
  • On successful installation of the application, the User will be able to browse for Image/Photo files on his system and upload it into the application for processing.
  • Admin user will be able to generate an activation key and share it with user using PIN Generator
  • Admin/Owner of the application shall receive the PIN shared by the User, and be able to generate the corresponding Activation key for successful installation of the application.
  • This feature would ensure that one the application installer works only on one machine.

Technologies Used

Windows and Mac OS


  • Easy photo uploading options and image processing
  • User-friendly application
  • Customized process settings
  • Highly secured for application users

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  • Cutting-edge Business Products
  • Creative Design Solutions


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