Automated Report Generating Software for A Marketing Agency


Client is a leading performance marketing agency that buys online advertising from various traffic sources and delivers it to client websites to generate sales leads.


The primary objective of the client is to replace manual report generation in Excel with automated reporting software to save time and reduce errors.

What We Did

We have delivered the client with a software solution that can take data from Native advertising sources and combine it with revenue data from Volume to create aggregated data sets. These can then be used by their team members to create various pivot tables, with that optimized decisions can be made. Also the traffic sources have multiple accounts; these accounts comprise of multiple campaigns which consist of multiple ads (advertisements) that are shown on one or many placements.

Reports will be generated in the below 3 categories

  • Campaign - profit/loss by campaign
  • Ads - profit/loss by advertisement by campaign
  • Placement - profit/loss by placement by campaign


Detailed report data that provides No. of impressions, clicks, cost per click, total cost, leads, revenue etc.,

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