Get rid of paper based process with FileMaker Application

More businesses today are looking for alternatives to get rid of paper-based processes. Companies of all sizes are now replacing photocopiers with smart devices, mainly to reduce storage costs, and to improve data collection time and accuracy with efficient solutions that automate to make use of their files without papers. To simplify this in a much easier way, here come the latest FileMaker Platform, with this application solution can be built to custom fit every organizational need.

Starting from document management to job site inspections, every habitual paper based reports and records needed to be totally digitalized in a quick-witted way. In all these functionalities FileMaker applications finds a greater importance, as these applications are built up with custom made features.

Highlights of Filemaker application are listed below

  • User Friendly: FileMaker Application is the best choice of converting paper based process into simple and easy-to-use customizable application. Regular work flow can be carried out using Filemaker to digitalize paper based works. Many companies around the world rely on FileMaker Application Development.

  • Easy to start: FileMaker application makes easy to organize, access, modify and recall large volume of databases by simple drag and drop options, and enables business to efficiently manage their data. Users can create various formats of reports like PDF, Excel, etc,

  • Custom themes: FileMaker themes contain custom styles and layouts for eye-catchy look and feel. Changing from one theme to another theme will not affect other layouts.

  • Efficient data management: FileMaker provides a secured way of data transfer via online or offline modes. Various data formats are supported and stored at a common location. Every organization can share database that can be accessed by everyone. FileMaker supports multiple user integration features. So every privileged user can access and modify data simultaneously from their workplace.

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